Is it worth chasing jackpots in cash game matches?

Today we will address a topic that has always divided players: the usefulness of chasing the jackpots in the cash game . These are separate prize pools , financed each hand by the players themselves and which often offer significant amounts. How do you unlock these jackpots ? It depends on the rules of the various poker rooms, but they usually involve important points such as poker, straight flushes or royal flushes . 


In some rooms the jackpot is linked to bad beats . That is to say two strong points that collide, such as poker vs poker or poker vs royal flush . In that case, the jackpot is split between who has the best point and who has the worst point, with previously established percentages.


 In some rooms, the bad beat jackpot is also extended to the other players present at the table, who regardless of whether or not they have taken part in the hand, are rewarded with small percentages. Other casinos like mmc996 even offer hourly Jackpots : that is, every few hours, fixed or progressive numbers are up for grabs , which go to reward the highest hand brought to the showdown, in that period of time.


The Jackpots from the point of view of the rooms

After making a quick summary of the various types of jackpots, let’s see who is worthwhile and who is not the jackpots . From a casino perspective, the cash game jackpot is a godsend. 


The money is in fact withheld from the played dishes and the room acts only as a cash desk , without having to add money. And at the same time, a jackpot that grows or in any case even a fixed amount, entice players to sit down , play many pots and consequently to make a lot of rake . 


In short, from the casino’s point of view there are only positive aspects. Players, action, rake and appeal.All things that go in favor of the rooms. 


Pros and Cons of Jackpots 

The jackpots are certainly an important aspect. But players should never be misled by the amounts at stake, risking to leave many chips on the table to try to reach these jackpots . Aiming for the jackpot is expensive and definitely changes your game strategy . 


Aiming for the jackpots without a precise tactic, involves a lower selection of hands , a higher number of pots played, a passive play in the post flop to try to close important points on favorable boards and in the end there will be more money scattered in the various hands played, that those won with possible jackpots . 


The player should always remember that hitting points such as four of a kind, straight flushes or royal flushes is never easy. The percentages tell us that these are very rare events. Therefore, chasing jackpots as if there was no tomorrow is a very bad and unprofitable choice . 


Then of course when a jackpot is hit, there will be economic benefits that vary depending on the amount collected. A sensible player, however, should never lose the ideal aspects and behaviors to follow during a cash game: he must continue playing as if the jackpot were not there . 


If anything, he must exploit the mistakes that opponents who chase jackpots relentlessly make. The latter will be encouraged to seek projects or points that are difficult to close. Therefore, the experienced player will be able to collect important pots when these projects or points are not closed by rivals.

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